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Complete Tool Sharpening System Helps Entrepreneurs Find Success

Thorvie Offers the Complete Package

tool sharpening system AV-40If you want a second income or you are ready to venture out and run your own tool sharpening business full time, partner with Thorvie International, LLC. In addition to offering the best tool sharpening system around, this world-renowned company has everything you need to be successful.

“You can make $60,000 per year or more working from home using our tool sharpening system which comes with a comprehensive support package that practically guarantees your success,” says Ken Frea, president of Thorvie International, LLC.

Thorvie has been manufacturing and offering quality tool and saw sharpening equipment since 1977. Products offered include the revolutionary AV-40 Grinder. Available in a complete starter package, it contains everything you need to become a successful entrepreneur. In addition to the equipment, the starter package contains sales techniques on how to approach and get customers as well as the names of companies for which you can be a distributor of new tooling such as saw blades, shaper cutters, and router bits.

You will learn where you can purchase supplies. Also included are tips and tricks about the proper grinding wheels to use and special information about grinding wheels, tips on the sharpening of tooling including steel saw blades, complete written instructions and training videos, and a price list so you know what to charge for tool sharpening. A complete set of 2015 training DVDs and an instruction book are provided.

Rick’s Tip

There are multiple different products you can use to clean the pitch off saw blades and other tools. Any blade and bit cleaning solution or cleaner degreaser will work. I have used some products personally and have spoken with multiple customers on what they have used. Here are some products I recommend that work quite well. I personally use CMT Formula 2050 Blade and Bit Cleaner. You can get it directly from CMT Tools if you are set up as a distributor to sell their saw blades and other tools or you can buy it from Amazon and other retailers. Another product many of our customers prefer is M30 Cleaner Degreaser. M30 can be purchased from e-Bay or Amazon. The most positive feedback on products at the most affordable cost is a solution called LA’s Totally Awesome. There are a lot of people that say it is the best product to use. LA’s Totally Awesome can be purchased from any local dollar store in small spray bottles and also larger gallon sizes. With any product you use, simply spray a thin layer to one side of the saw blade, let sit for about 1-2 minutes and wipe the blade clean. Flip the blade over and repeat the process. If there is any pitch left between the teeth on the saw blade use a wire wheel on a bench grinder to finish the cleaning process.

For more information on Thorvie’s world-class tool sharpening system, or blade sharpening machine, call Thorvie International at 866-497-0572 or visit the website at

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