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A Clean Mouth Is the Gateway to a Clean Body

RLJ Dental cleaningThe Benefits of a Dental Cleaning

Now that we’ve entered a new year it’s time to think about the last time you had your teeth cleaned. Do you remember when it was? It’s like the batteries in your smoke detector. You know you changed them… sometime, but you just couldn’t say when. At RLJ Dental we’re not here to judge, just to stand beside you on your dental health journey.

The Academy of General Dentistry recommends that you have your teeth cleaned by a dentist or hygienist at least twice a year to maintain good oral health. This dental cleaning, bolstered by your regular brushing and flossing is a big step toward whole body health. Why? Because what you put in your body is what your body absorbs. Your mouth is where you put things in your body, therefore it makes sense to keep it clean.

We all make mistakes, fall off our low-sugar wagon, or bite down on something that’s too hard for our teeth. Even if you’re teeth are healthy, you can do damage by chewing something as seemingly harmless as an ice cube. If you’ve fallen into slack dental hygiene habits, or done damage to your pearly whites, a dental cleaning at an RLJ Dental clinic can get you back on track.

What to Expect When You’re Getting a Cleaning

A dental cleaning might involve three different steps:

  • A preventative service might include the removal of plaque and tartar, stain removal, a fluoride treatment and a good polishing.
  • Diagnostic service will update your history, check your biting and chewing patterns, evaluate the health of your gum tissues, update your x-rays, if needed, and provide an oral cancer screening.
  • The third service is education. Your dentist or hygienist will educate you on your brushing and flossing technique and possibly make some suggestions regarding your nutrition.

Remember that your RLJ Dental dentist is here to help you. Our dental clinics provide a friendly and nurturing environment for your family’s needs.

RLJ Dental, Meeting All Your Dental Needs

No matter where you are in Wisconsin, no matter what dental needs you have, our network of independent dentists are committed to providing the best service with the latest technologies, for the most affordable price. From comprehensive prevention to cosmetic dentistry; periodontal treatments to restorative work; from implants to sports dentistry, RLJ Dental is ready to serve you.

Our trustworthy team is out to build long-lasting relationships, and we measure our success by a lifetime of smiles. Visit to find a location near you.

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