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A self-performing contractor delivers more dependable results

IEI offers advantages in keeping construction projects on task

IEI self-performing contractorSelecting a self-performing contractor that you can trust to deliver high-quality work across multiple aspects of a construction project increases the probability of overall success. IEI General Contractors is a self-performing contractor that minimizes reliance on subcontractors so you can enjoy more direct control over the process.

IEI’s teams are capable of completing a variety of tasks when it comes to new construction, additions, and renovations or remodeling projects. We self-perform tasks including commercial masonry, concrete installation, demolition, and even finish carpentry.

The fact we can complete multiple tasks as a self-performing contractor allows us to maintain direct oversight and provide consistently high standards of quality. This level of control minimizes delays and the risk of miscommunication. It also puts us in a position to make up time when delays occur with other aspects of a project.

Streamlining communication with a self-performing contractor

Engaging with a self-performing contractor like IEI eliminates the need for multiple intermediaries, which improves communication and efficiency. Dealing directly with our team lets us quickly address any concern, discuss progress and make any necessary adjustments.

Communication with subcontractors can be one of the biggest frustrations for stakeholders. Using IEI as a self-performing contractor encourages collaboration and effective problem solving. Plus, your ability to leverage the direct communication channel with our team enhances transparency and contributes to projects completed on time and on budget.

A self-performing contractor has a deep understanding of the construction process and can minimize the risk of unexpected expenses. Our ability to provide more predictable results allows you to more accurately plan budgets and timelines. Equally as important, you can have peace of mind in knowing your project is in capable hands throughout the process.

About IEI General Contractors, Inc.

IEI General Contractors is a member of the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Wisconsin and has more than 30 years in construction service. IEI has a history of making the construction process a pleasant and low-stress experience for stakeholders in any industry. As a premier construction project management firm, IEI is a proven expert in commercial construction and renovation in northeast Wisconsin.

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