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Zone heating lets you control comfort levels in your house

Robinson Heating & Cooling zone heatingSave energy by heating only the rooms that actually need it

There always seems to be rooms in your house that take on a life of their own when it comes to temperature. Maybe they have southern exposure with lots of windows or they face north and never seem to get warm enough.

Zone heating helps homeowners in Green Bay, Wisconsin, save on energy costs while enhancing their overall comfort. Robinson Heating & Cooling offers expertise in designing and installing appropriate zone heating for homeowners throughout northeastern Wisconsin.

The idea behind installing a zone heating system in your house is that daytime and nighttime heating needs vary, as do the requirements of individual rooms. It makes little sense, for example, to spend money pumping heated air into a room that gets enough sunlight to be the warmest area of the house on its own.

Zone heating systems depend on the configuration of your house

Zone heating systems vary depending on a variety of factors, including sun exposure, square footage and general home layout. For example, do you have an open concept on your main floor or are there several rooms?

Having the ability to limit the amount of heat devoted to certain rooms, such as rarely used guest bedrooms, laundry rooms and any areas with sufficient sun exposure can significantly save on energy expenses over the course of a long Wisconsin heating season.

Even controlling room temperatures between daytime and nighttime can make a difference. Bedrooms are a typical target for zone heating because they often require less heat during the day than the rest of the house, while your home office may not need to remain toasty overnight or on weekends.

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