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Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium Helps Companies With Pre-Hire Screenings

DOT Medical Exam, Physical Capacity Evaluation Makes Sure Applicant Can Physically Do the Job

DOT medical examEmployers look for a lot in job applicants: someone with the right skills, work ethic and attitude. It is also vital the applicant can fulfill the physical aspects of the job, whether it requires lifting objects of a certain weight, standing or sitting for long periods of time or making repetitive motions. One way to answer that question is by having the applicant go through a DOT medical exam, physical capacity evaluation or non-DOT physical. Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium partners with businesses to do just that and ensure applicants can physically do the job they are being hired to do.

WDTC uses a certified medical professional to conduct all DOT physicals, which is required by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Association for all commercial motor vehicle drivers. During the exam, the trained professional checks the applicant’s vision and hearing, takes their health history, records blood pressure and pulse rate, collects a urine specimen and conducts a 12-point physical body exam.

When a company is hiring for a physically demanding job, a physical capacity evaluation may be needed. During this screening, the job applicant is tested in several areas to make sure they can safely perform necessary job functions. WDTC uses CRT isokinetic testing that matches the applicant’s physical capabilities to the physical job demands with 98 percent accuracy. During the evaluation, baseline measurements are captured by measuring the strength and range of motion for the back, knees and shoulders. The test takes 15 minutes to administer and results are faxed or e-mailed to the business in less than 30 minutes.

“Physical capacity evaluations help business owners reduce work-related injuries and make sure an applicant doesn’t have a pre-existing injury that may interfere with the ability to do the assigned work,” said WDTC President Mike Bray. “The evaluations can help businesses see fewer musculoskeletal injuries, create a safer work environment, lower insurance premiums and reduce worker compensation costs.”

WDTC provides affordable screening services and tests to businesses of all sizes. Whether applicants need a DOT medical exam, physical capacity evaluation or pre-employment criminal background check, we can help companies determine if a job applicant is the right one for the job. For current employees, WDTC is a nationally accredited Third Party Administrator and offers a Drug Testing Consortium to ensure your business stays compliant with federal DOT rules and regulations. Visit our website, to learn more about WDTC and its services or contact President Mike Bray at [email protected].

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