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Wide Area Network Technology Helps Cities Boost Digital Coverage

wide area networkBAYCOM Works with Municipalities to Provide the Best Solutions for Remote Security and WiFi Access

Municipalities throughout Wisconsin are leveraging the capabilities of wide area network technology from BAYCOM to enhance security and other remote connectivity challenges in a cost-effective manner. Separate from two-way radio communication, wide area network systems serve as the foundation for digital assets such as IP cameras, WiFi access, water department Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) monitoring systems, and computer connectivity.

“The feedback we have received from municipalities is fantastic,” says Jason Pedersen, sales/ solutions engineer at BAYCOM. “It is common for cities to begin with a small system of maybe a couple of cameras. They soon realize the positive impact of the system and begin budgeting each year for upgrades and additional cameras to continue growing their coverage.”

The city of Waukesha, for example, began with two cameras in 2009 and since has expanded its system to include about 150 cameras in locations such as the library, the downtown area and parks.

Wide Area Network Systems Provide 24/7 Surveillance

BAYCOM, a leading supplier of law enforcement technology, has installed wide area network systems for approximately 30 municipalities in Wisconsin. The primary purpose of these systems is to provide 24/7 video surveillance and risk management coverage.

A wide area network enables cameras mounted to buildings, poles and other structures to provide video coverage both in real time and digital recordings. The majority of cameras have pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) capabilities controlled by mouse or joystick in the city’s dispatch center. Magnification allows for license plate identification from a football field or more away.

“Some of our municipal customers are using their wide area network to provide WiFi access points in areas such as parks and public works buildings,” Pedersen says. “Municipalities are beginning to implement systems for remote access control. For example, municipalities with parks are using the remote access control to unlock and lock bathrooms across their municipality automatically rather having an employee spend time doing it manually.”

To see these network and security solutions in action check out our video case study.


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