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Want Extra Income?

Thorvie Offers Home Business Opportunities with Unlimited Earning Potential

rick-home-business-opportunitiesDo you want to create a second income? Are you tired of working for someone else and want to be your own boss? Then look no further than Thorvie International, LLC, the leader in home business opportunities.

Thorvie has been helping aspiring entrepreneurs for nearly 40 years to create their own successful home businesses. “We’re invested in our partners’ success,” says Ken Frea, president. “That means providing quality products as well as effective sales and marketing resources to ensure the greatest potential profits for our local operators.”

With the AV-40 Grinder Package, you’ll get everything you need to get started with your own home business, including sales techniques; names of companies for which you can be a distributor of new tooling; tips and tricks about the proper grinding wheels to use; complete written instructions and training videos, and much more. Business tools such as sales plans, online invoicing, a contacts manager and startup financing are also available.

For more information on the AV-40 carbide blade saw sharpening machine, or home business opportunities with Thorvie International, LLC, call 866-497-0572.

Rick’s Tip

Starting up a sharpening business, whether it is a secondary income, supplement retirement income, or full-time, full-service sharpening shop, can be a big decision. I know this personally as I started a secondary income sharpening service before I worked at Thorvie International 5 years ago. I was a carpenter and wanted to have my saw blades sharpened and looked into the idea of a part-time sharpening business. I started to do some research and found the Thorvie AV-40 carbide saw and tool sharpening machine. I called a couple of companies and Thorvie is the only company to which I was able to talk with a sales and customer service rep. I liked that the AV-40 sharpening machine is made right here in the United States and replacement parts and extra tool fixtures were available on the spot.

I made the decision to start this new home business venture. With the training DVD and excellent customer service, it was a very easy learning curve and one of the best decisions I ever made. Within 7 months of purchasing the AV-40 start up package I paid the machine off in full. I have since talked with a lot of Thorvie sharpening equipment owners and most people pay their AV-40 start up package off in full within the first year and some have done this within 2 months of their purchase. One of the comments I hear most often from Thorvie owners is, “I wished I would have started my home sharpening business 5 years earlier.”

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