Video Poker Machine Provides Safe Environment to Master the Game

Video Poker Machine Provides Safe Environment to Master the Game

8 Line Supply video poker machineCountertop Pot-O-Gold Machine Is a Popular Choice for Poker Enjoyment

Fueled by televised coverage of poker tournaments, the explosion in popularity of poker over the past 15 years has made video poker machines such as the Countertop 15” Touchscreen LCD Pot-O-Gold Machine a popular choice for individual game rooms as well as business amusement offerings.

A video poker machine offers the benefit of no-risk fun as players learn strategy and tricks of the trade. Chris Moneymaker, who famously won the 2003 World Series of Poker in his first live poker tournament, learned his craft on video poker machines and online tournaments prior to winning it big. His Cinderella story is credited with turbocharging the video poker industry, proving that even amateurs can beat the best in the world with the help of practice on a video poker machine.

“The convenience of a video poker machine allows players to enjoy the game without the pressure of an actual table environment,” says Matt Murphy, sales and inventory manager at 8 Line Supply, a leading distributor of Pot-O-Gold and Ocean King machines, accessories and parts. “Video poker machines are an ideal option for learning the game and practicing strategies.”

Additional Benefits of a Video Poker Machine

While Texas Hold ’em is one of the most popular poker variations because of its use in televised tournaments, video poker machines such as Pot-O-Gold offer a variety of poker choices within a single console. Players can learn how to play several games or concentrate on their favorite.

“Assuming you’re playing against the machine and not with an online group, video poker can play out at whatever pace the player desires,” Murphy says. “There is no pressure on you to make quick decisions, and the game waits for you if life interrupts.”

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