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Vertex Standard Models Rebranded as Motorola Solutions

BAYCOM Commercial two-way radiosMotorola Solutions Adds Former Vertex Standard Models as Alternative Cost-Effective Commercial Two-way Radios

BAYCOM, experts in two-way radio communication and a leader among two-way radio dealers, now offers EVX and VX Series commercial two-way radios. Motorola Solutions’ addition of the former Vertex Standard brand of commercial two-way radios is the perfect example of value for the investment for those looking for a cost-effective solution. This change will also provide customers with dedicated, licensed communication and a wider coverage area.

“These small, yet durable radios are great for hospitality, retail and school applications,” notes Sean Stockman, communication consultant at BAYCOM. “These rebranded products provide opportunities for lower price points that are attractive for some of our customers.”

These commercial two-way radios provide dedicated frequencies that will reduce crosstalk while including a battery that is sure to last throughout the entire work shift. Conversations will be enhanced with the proven audio performance, making sure valuable time isn’t wasted.

Rebranded Commercial Two-Way Radios Include Safety Features

The EVX and VX Series commercial two-way radios have built-in safety features designed to provide instant communications to bring help to your employees in the case of an emergency. These features include Emergency Alert and Lone Worker.

Emergency Alert only requires one touch of a button to send an alert that help is needed ASAP. Lone Worker allows the ability to set up check-ins at regular intervals that require employees working alone to send a signal that everything is okay.

“Our experience with Motorola Solutions products, and now the integrated Vertex Standard products, enables us to recommend the appropriate and expanded options for two-way radio and communications needs depending on the physical demands of our customers,” Stockman says. “We consider the additional models as additional tools in our toolbox.”


BAYCOM is an affiliate company of OwnersEdge Inc., a 100 percent employee-owned ESOP holding company. Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the company delivers industry-leading communications and video solutions that help public safety organizations and commercial customers operate safely and with maximum efficiency. BAYCOM serves customers in Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest through certified service center locations in Green Bay, Fox Valley, Metro Milwaukee, Portage, Madison and La Crosse, Wisconsin. Visit or call 800- 726-5426 to learn more about BAYCOM.

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