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Vacuum tension rolls provide a single-side contact option for coated webs

MECA vacuum tension rollsMECA excels in the manufacture of these specialty rolls

Web coaters and converters who offer applications that benefit from single-sided web contact are using vacuum tension rolls (VTR) to deliver high-quality output on a perfectly smooth substrate. MECA is an industry leader in this specialty category of roll design and production.

Vacuum rolls are a particularly sound investment for web converters who use coating applications in their operations. VTRs are designed to provide tension control while preventing anything from touching the coated side of a web until it sufficiently dries and is ready for winding.

The technology used in vacuum tension rolls focuses on creating a tension isolation zone to pull or hold back the web as it passes through a process such as a dryer. VTRs accomplish this by creating an internal vacuum to adhere the substrate to the roll, relying on external atmospheric pressure to hold it in place.

Vacuum tension rolls can include an option for a mesh screen

Vacuum tension rolls typically are constructed of carbon steel, with nickel plating added to prevent corrosion. Aluminum and stainless steel are optional construction materials, but used much less frequently than carbon steel.

Use of a fine, mesh screen is an option for vacuum tension rolls that will be carrying a more delicate web that may be sensitive to the holes used to transmit the vacuum pressure. The screen is used as a bridge to cover holes in the roll and prevent puckering at those points.

More rigid substrates, such as thicker plastic film or paper, do not require a screen for added protection. Vacuum tension rolls can include provisions for adding a screen when necessary. Talk to your MECA sales representative about including this option before placing your order.

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