This one item can help your department stand out

This one item can help your department stand out

custom law enforcement badgeEven we civilians have an understanding of the sense of pride that law enforcement personnel feel when wearing their badge. We know it is among the most treasured items a law enforcement officer possesses in what has become the most stressful and dangerous occupation in the USA.

Now imagine the impact a custom law enforcement badge could have on the morale of your personnel. While other departments are content with handing out unimaginative stock designs, you have the opportunity to make a statement by having your badge stand out from the crowd.

Our team at Medalcraft Mint appreciates the responsibility that comes with wearing the badge and the sense of brotherhood it creates. That is why we work with law enforcement agencies across the country to design custom badges that tell a specific story — your department’s story.

We complete every aspect of the design and production of custom law enforcement badges in our Green Bay, Wisconsin, facility. This ensures we maintain complete control over quality, with lead times only about three weeks, even on new orders.

We use a die striking process to create custom badges from solid brass, featuring imagery and verbiage unique to your department. Most departments request badges plated in 24k gold, with silver plating the next most popular finish and available upon request. Antique finishing and other polish highlights can add an extra touch of class.

Sound intriguing? Call us at 800-558-6348 to learn more about creating a custom law enforcement badge for your department.

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