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The Challenge: Supply a budget-friendly challenge coin veterans would like

challenge coin veteransChallenge coins have long been a popular gift and collector’s item for active members of the military and veterans groups, so Medalcraft Mint was ready with ideas when distributor Collegiate Awards came with a request from Veterans United Home Loans. The organization was looking for something to include with a gift box for veterans who used their financing service to buy homes.

Collegiate Awards was looking for something made in the USA that veterans would appreciate, both details that Medalcraft Mint covers from its headquarters in Green Bay, Wisconsin. And one other little detail: the challenge coin had to meet a stringent budgetary target.

Medalcraft Mint’s artists created an attractive challenge coin that required a 10,000-quantity order to hit the price target, a quantity the customer was not willing to order without knowing how the piece would go over with the veterans. However, a compromise that called for a verbal commitment of two 5,000-piece orders to hold the 10,000-quantity price was a good fit.

As it turned out, the veterans group liked the sample so much that an initial order came for 7,500 pieces. The item has remained immensely popular since its introduction in 2014.

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