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The challenge: Meeting a tight deadline for a large distributor order

Medalcraft Mint Inc. came through as the hero for a distributor customer who was tasked with procuring a 50,000-piece custom brass challenge coin order with a matching amount of custom packaging for the Penske Corporation. Meeting a hard deadline was only part of the success story for this order.

The American distributor contacted Medalcraft Mint after struggling with communication from an overseas supplier who also could not meet the deadline. To make matters worse, the supplier could not produce a sample that met the end user’s expectations.

Enter Medalcraft Mint, who not only guaranteed the deadline could be met, but was able to produce a sample coin and packaging within a week. With approval in hand, the Medalcraft Mint team got to work producing a solid brass challenge coin with a vibrant color enamel fill.

All 50,000 pieces were produced, assembled and packaged in under five weeks, and then shipped to multiple addresses to meet the deadline. Even better, Medalcraft Mint was able to complete the order in the USA for the same price as was quoted for the lower-quality piece from China, and custom packaging came in under budget.

The success resulted in a very satisfied end user in Penske and a relieved distributor, eagerly anticipating repeat business.

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