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Tabletop conveyors provide versatile product handling solutions

Robinson PH tabletop conveyorsSlat top-style conveyors can integrate into existing production lines

Tabletop conveyors, such as those made by Robinson, have the misfortune of sporting a term that does not accurately describe what they are. Product handlers in the towel and tissue, bottling, pharmaceutical and related industries know tabletop conveyors as slat-style chain conveyors that efficiently move products downstream.

Tabletop conveyors come in a variety of designs based on the application. While not necessarily portable in the sense the term expresses, these conveyors are more of a robust style of chain. Tabletop conveyor chains feature a variety of slat styles with optional attachments such as grip top inserts and low back pressure (LBP) rollers to meet various application needs.

Not to be confused with a fabric-style belt, tabletop conveyors have a slat top typically made of plastic. This type of conveyor has been around a long time and is a tried-and-true solution for a wide range of applications.

Tabletop conveyors can play a role in a larger product stream

The ability to integrate tabletop conveyors into existing lines such as wet wipes manufacturing machines make this application-driven asset a good fit for many production floors. Robinson’s expertise in establishing communication between multiple asset types provides a significant benefit beyond most manufacturers.

Product variables such as weight, dimensions and desired throughput rate can be determining factors in the style and material used in tabletop conveyors. They have the versatility to effectively move products varying in weight from light kitchen towel rolls to the hard-wound rolls commonly used in workplace restrooms.

Small cases and items unrelated to home products also can find a home on tabletop conveyors. Find out how Robinson can configure an appropriate conveyor for your production line.

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