Systems Furniture Helps with Space Planning for Higher Education

Office space planning is more than just selecting the right furniture

office space planning - Systems Furniture

Cost effective office space planning creates multi-functional  areas that can be used as a classroom, lecture room, or meeting room and that means both the furniture and the power connections need to be adaptable. Space plans show administrators how a lecture room with mobile tables and chairs can be easily reorganized into a small group activity space or a special event dining area.  Making sure that the technology connections for hardware, data and power are available takes special planning.

Office space is a valuable commodity for faculty members and education administrators. They need workspace for writing and research, efficient bookcase storage and an area to meet with students. While private office space is shrinking, a space planner can blend the work styles of both older and younger faculty members and achieve an overall campus aesthetic. Let Systems Furniture show you how we can help transform your space.

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