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Simulcast Systems Fill Coverage Gaps for Public Safety Communication

BAYCOM simulcast systemsBAYCOM’s Engineering Expertise Provides Unique Value to Public Safety Organizations

Public safety and other government entities that depend on comprehensive coverage to communicate in day-to-day and emergency situations rely on simulcast systems that maximize communication coverage and clarity. These technologically advanced systems require expert design to optimize equipment investments and fill gaps in coverage.

“Simulcast radio systems are the standard in mission-critical radio communications for public safety and have been for quite some time,” says Rob Dillon, executive vice president of sales and service for BAYCOM, an industry leader in IP video surveillance, mobile computing, in-car video systems and public safety communications technology. “An unfailingly reliable communications system is the lifeline for first responders, particularly in emergency situations.”

A purpose-built simulcast system offers multiple benefits, particularly in moments that matter most. The system is reliant upon its own infrastructure, as opposed to public infrastructure such as commercial towers. This enables the system to work flawlessly regardless of external factors such as consumer cell phone users overwhelming a commercial network.

“All of BAYCOM’s simulcast systems utilize microwave technology to connect disparate radio towers together,” Dillon explains. “Our systems rely upon generator backups fueled by LP tanks to keep them operational in times of power outages and other related emergencies.”

Complexity of Simulcast Systems Demand Unique Expertise

County sheriff’s departments and larger city law enforcement agencies are leveraging BAYCOM’s engineering and consultative expertise to optimize coverage areas and simulcast system performance. BAYCOM uses only best-in-class radio, combining and microwave equipment from top brands including Motorola Solutions, Bird Technologies and Aviat, respectively, as the backbone for its simulcast systems.

Simulcast systems are an incredibly complex technology to engineer and deploy. The technology relies upon a GPS system that provides time and frequency references accurate to one-millionth of a second.

“Your technology provider’s depth of expertise and a track record for success are the most important factors when considering simulcast technology as a mechanism to increase operational safety and security,” Dillon says. “Anyone can sell you a bunch of equipment that will perform on a typical day. Customers rely on BAYCOM for mission-critical communications that will work every day and, most importantly, in the moments that matter.”


BAYCOM is an affiliate company of OwnersEdge Inc., a 100 percent employee-owned ESOP holding company. Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the company delivers industry-leading communications and video solutions that help public safety organizations and commercial customers operate safely and with maximum efficiency. BAYCOM serves customers in Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest through certified service center locations in Green Bay, Fox Crossing, Pewaukee, Portage, Madison and La Crosse, Wisconsin. Visit or call 800- 726-5426 to learn more about BAYCOM.

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