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School remodeling blends fiscal responsibility with good timing

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School district business offices don’t always know what they’re getting when accepting low bids for school remodeling projects. That was the case when the School District of New London (Wisconsin) learned it would be contracting with IEI General Contractors for a $1.28 million remodeling and upgrade project at Sugar Bush Elementary School.

“I had never worked with IEI before, and you never know when doing a public bid for a school remodeling project,” explains Joe Marquardt, New London’s director of business services. “But we definitely got what we paid for. We were fortunate the bid went to IEI, because they were the right people for the job. In fact, I couldn’t have been more impressed with the way IEI handled this project.”

Sugar Bush Elementary, originally constructed in 1963, had not received a significant school remodeling in 30 years. IEI crews got in and out during the 2023 summer break, completing a nearly 20,000-square-foot remodeling project that gave the rural building a much-needed facelift. Work included new floors, aluminum windows, casework, painting, bathroom updates, exterior concrete, and a new HVAC system.

“IEI leadership took our suggestions to heart and treated us like a valued customer,” states Marquardt. “If we have return work to do, we really want IEI to do it.”

School remodeling projects vary in scope from small to large

Similar to business construction projects, the scale of school remodeling efforts can span a wide spectrum of services. Recently completed upgrades to the Notre Dame Academy high school building in Green Bay took nearly a year to complete due to the extensive nature of the project.

“IEI crews took great care with their work and the level of craftsmanship they displayed was an incredible thing to watch,” comments Tom Kiely, Notre Dame Academy’s president. “Their attention to detail was remarkable.”

The $4.56 million school remodeling project included an HVAC upgrade, new ceilings, lighting, penthouse and boiler room. The Notre Dame Academy building dates to 1955 when it opened as Our Lady of Premontre High School.

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