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Robinson’s trailer fuel station makes refueling at the dock easy

Robinson Gas Trailer trailer fuel stationLakeshore 110 Electric brings convenience to remote fueling locations

Eliminate the hassle of hauling gas cans to the dock with a high-quality trailer fuel station solution from Robinson. We designed the Lakeshore 110 Electric to meet the remote refueling needs of private and commercial operators, helping you spend more time on the water enjoying the activities you love.

Having a trailer fuel station at your disposal minimizes the single biggest challenge inherent with operating watercraft such as fishing boats, jet skis, pontoon boats and other pleasure crafts. The Lakeshore 110 Electric delivers ample fuel supplies safely to your location and into your gas tanks without dealing with the hassle and workout involved with hand fueling.

The “110” designation in the Lakeshore 110 Electric refers to the fuel capacity of this American-made trailer fuel station, along with our Pro 110 Aviator and Contractor 110 Aviation jet fuel trailer models. This volume effectively keeps the trailer under the 119-gallon limit at which point DOT regulations consider a trailer to be an intermediate bulk container (IBC).

A trailer fuel station with a long reach

We know a trailer fuel station needs the capability to conduct fueling operations in locations that aren’t always as convenient as a parking lot or driveway. After all, once your boat is in the water, the last thing you want to do is take it out to refuel.

We equip the Lakeshore 110 Electric with a 75-foot retractable reel fuel hose and a 90-foot retractable reel grounding cable so you don’t have to bring the trailer fuel station all the way to the water’s edge. As long as you can get within 25 yards of your boat, you have ready access to your Robinson trailer fuel station.

The Lakeshore 110 Electric comes standard with a pump rated at 15 gallons per minute, allowing you to minimize the amount of time spent fueling. Automatic shutoff provides an additional measure of safety, and the open payload provides easy accessibility to your trailer fuel station.

About Robinson, Inc.

Robinson, Inc., is a single-source metal solutions provider based in De Pere, Wisconsin. Robinson offers portable fuel solutions for commercial and private use, as well as design, manufacturing, and metal production fabrication for a wide range of industries. The company employs nearly 600 people at four Wisconsin locations comprising 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

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