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Robinson’s portable fuel tank trailer brings gas where it’s needed

Robinson Inc. portable fuel tank trailerContractors like the maneuverability of the Pro 110 Industrial model

Contractors and private operators looking for a portable fuel tank trailer capable of safely and efficiently delivering fuel to off-site destinations are finding the Gas Trailer Pro 110 Industrial model from Robinson to be an ideal fit.

Since retail fuel locations are not always open or conveniently located in relation to your equipment, mobile fuel trailer solutions become vital to cost-effective and timely operations. A portable fuel tank trailer such as the Pro 110 Industrial is the answer to challenges that previously may have required multiple trips to the gas station or dealing with gas cans.

The Pro 110 Industrial is a nimble portable fuel tank trailer that is DOT-compliant, giving you ready access to 110 gallons of fuel in a format that can stay onsite. Our metal fabrication expertise is evident in a professional-grade design capable of withstanding demanding environments.

Pro 110 Industrial is a portable fuel tank trailer with flexibility

The Robinson design team worked a wide range of features into the Pro 110 Industrial that ensure dependability, safety and security. They begin with a lockable control box that lets you secure the aviation-rated pump and other components, all protected by an aluminum and stainless steel exterior.

Optional add-ons include a lockable fuel cap, marker flags with LED lights, a quick disconnect fuel hose kit and a tank fuel gauge dipstick. A 20-foot hose kit, multi-directional nozzle swivel, deep cycle battery and battery charger maintainer, a double-wall fuel tank and other options give you the ability to build an asset that meets a higher standard.

Put an end to time-consuming trips back to the shop or gas station, and let the Pro 110 Industrial maximize your revenue-earning capabilities all day long. Imagine how much time you or your crew can save every day with a portable fuel tank trailer carrying the load.

About Robinson, Inc. – portable fuel tank trailer

Robinson, Inc., is a single-source metal solutions provider based in De Pere, Wisconsin. Robinson offers manufacturing and design expertise in fabrication and machine; pipe and vessel; custom enclosures; product handling; and portable fuel solutions. The company employs more than 500 people at three locations comprising 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

For more information or to request a quote, call Steve Hartliep, national sales manager for Robinson Portable Fuel Solutions and Gas Trailer products, at (920) 615-3438, or visit

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