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Robinson Metal, Inc., continues to expand as a metal fabricator

Robinson Metal - metal fabricatorMetal fabrication training contributes to workforce development

Robinson Metal, Inc., has expanded its capabilities as a metal fabricator in an era of tight labor markets with consistent capital investments and attention to workforce development through on-site metal fabrication training.

Our two northeastern Wisconsin facilities compete for quality workers in a region that features low unemployment rates and a high number of competitors in the metal fabrication industry. We have seen a 35 percent increase in our employee count over the past three years despite this heavy competition.

Robinson Metal continually invests in equipment and other plant assets that enhance our capabilities as a metal fabricator in Wisconsin. This includes machinery purchases as well as updated coating capabilities in house to control quality and delivery.

Metal fabrication training includes Robinson Metal’s on-site training cell

Robinson Metal is a national leader among pressure vessel manufacturing companies and other niches within its scope of services. The acquisition of two divisions (Product Handling Concepts and Gas Trailer) as well as expansion into our facility in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, put further pressure on workforce recruitment and development efforts.

Our Fab & Machine division, which is a foundational segment of our business as a metal fabricator, is where the idea of an internal training cell first came to the surface in 2017. Derek Ouradnik, one of our project managers, has been instrumental in creating on-site training opportunities for our employees to learn new skills or refine existing skills without having to leave campus.

Ouradnik moved into the role of training coordinator and developed a curriculum for what we call Robinson 101. These training modules include sections on blueprint reading, understanding the production schedule, welding skills, as well as soft skill development.

Metal fabrication training has created opportunities for our workforce as well as making us a stronger supply partner for our customers. This has elevated Robinson Metal to a stronger status as a metal fabricator.

About Robinson Metal, Inc.

Robinson Metal, Inc., is a single-source metal fabrication supplier employing more than 400 people at facilities in De Pere and Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Its six divisions include: Robinson Fab & Machine; Robinson Pipe & Vessel; Robinson Custom Enclosures; Robinson Heating & Cooling; Product Handling Concepts; and Gas Trailer. The company’s primary campus in De Pere features a climate-controlled 185,000-square-foot facility plus a 35,000-square-foot clean assembly area, and an additional 112,000 square feet in Manitowoc.

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