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Quarter pusher machines are a magnet for occasional players

8 Line Supply quarter pusher machineSimplicity of function draws players who may be intimidated by video games

When you think of the variety of amusement and gaming machines at your disposal, it’s fascinating to realize that old-school quarter pusher machines still attract players in droves. 8 Line Supply carries a wide range of coin pusher machines to meet the steady demand for these classic favorites.

Perhaps the draw of quarter pusher machines lies in the fact there are no patterns to decipher or unseen algorithms that determine winners. Instead, coins teetering on the brink sit in plain view of potential players. Their seemingly gravity-defying position all but begs the next player to try their luck.

Quarter pusher machines stand in stark contrast to vertical screen gaming machines and other digital amusement offerings that rely on computer technology for their operation. In addition to the obvious visual differences, quarter pusher machines offer the physical enticement of real tokens or coins as a reward.

Plain Jane Coin Pusher is a popular choice as a quarter pusher machine

The Plain Jane Coin Pusher is one of our top-selling quarter pusher machines. This reliable, low-maintenance machine maintains its status as a favorite for owners because of its easy operation and strong profitability.

Simple in appearance to match its name, the Plain Jane Coin Pusher features a tempered glass front window with thick, acrylic side windows. It stands 54 inches in height, 23.625 inches wide and 31 inches deep, with long-lasting LED lighting to help attract players.

The large coin playfield is configured for coin in/coin out, with one sliding player-controlled coin chute and a skill button for tray stoppage. The heavy-duty industrial motor is designed for extended life, making this quarter pusher machine a sound long-term investment.

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