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Process skid fabrication simplifies installs for renewable and green energy applications

Robinson Inc. process skid fabricationRobinson’s comprehensive expertise leads skid package fabricators

Process skid fabrication simplifies the installation for a variety of renewable and green energy applications. Clients and engineering firms have leveraged Robinson’s expertise in pressure vessel construction, process piping, custom weldments, automation & controls and other manufacturing capabilities to deliver high-performance, easy-to-install solutions to customers.

Our team’s ability to integrate new equipment with existing assets is an important phase of process skid fabrication. New systems arrive at the customer’s location in a plug-and-play configuration, to ensure seamless communication between all components. Robinson’s automation group validates that the new system integrates and harmonizes with existing equipment.

Pressure vessels are a primary player in RNG systems

Process skid fabrication for renewable natural gas skids (RNG Skids) relies on the safety of pressure vessels and process piping built into these assets. This modular approach to manufacturing differentiates Robinson from many process skid fabricators because of the strict standards we adhere to, including: ASME certification, B31 certification, UL, R, and S code stamps.

RNG systems can be a unique endeavor, particularly when dealing with variable gas compositions. Capturing the methane from landfills and farm operations, then purifying and removing non-methane elements requires an efficient process skid or RNG skid approach. Robinson’s ability to fabricate, automate and integrate solutions for customer specific requirements sets them apart.

For Biogas upgradation, pressure swing adsorption units that clean the gas have unique fabrication requirements. The cyclic loads on these tanks create pressures that are potentially dangerous if not manufactured correctly. Our engineering experts perform a finite element analysis (FEA) to calculate the precise materials to be used in the construction of pressure vessels and piping.

Customers count on Robinson’s expertise to ensure the safe operation of assets before fatigue requires replacement. These consulting services provide value above our process skid fabrication capabilities, adding another level of safety and operational efficiency.

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