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Printers rely on MECA for print sleeves that enhance performance

MECA print sleevesPremium print sleeves combine with precision rolls for tight registration

Premium print sleeves and precision rolls from MECA enable printers to hone in on tight tolerance targets and limit the variables that can affect high-quality print jobs. We engineer several preventive measures into our print sleeves that reduce downtime and other issues that impact profits.

Print sleeves are the lifeblood of flexographic printing, which is why we focus our resources on designing and manufacturing the best sleeves on the market. This emphasis has led to several innovations including protective end plates that prevent inks and solvents from leaking into the precision sleeve bodies and breaking down materials, extending the life of your investment.

In addition, we incorporate a brass end plate into the notch to eliminate the type of wear and tear that impacts tolerancing and negatively affects print quality. This provides superior performance compared to the common industry practice of using metal inserts that tend to fall out of sleeves. The tighter the tolerance on the notch as it relates to the register pin, the less time it takes your operator to set up the registration and start printing the job.

Resurfaced print sleeves are a cost-effective option

MECA print sleeves offer the additional value of being resurfaceable. This comes into play when a sleeve’s integrity is still at acceptable levels, but the outside diameter (OD) is worn out and the sleeve is beyond the warranty period. We will take it back and resurface the OD, returning the sleeve to you at a significant savings when compared to the price of a new sleeve.

Our ability to manufacture premium press mandrels and printing sleeves enhances print quality for our customers. The combination of press mandrel tolerance and print sleeve tolerance dictates the level of quality you can expect from your printing operations. MECA print sleeves are constructed of resin-saturated nonwovens that resist thermal expansion, TIR (roundness) of 0.0005 inches or less, and bases that are glass-smooth to make mounting and cleanup a breeze.

Printers depend on our print sleeves, precision rolls, and process rolls to improve their operations. For more information about MECA’s design and manufacturing capabilities, please call Jamie Morales at (920) 336-7382, or visit

About MECA

MECA is a premier manufacturer of precision rolls for the printing and web handling industries. MECA specializes in flexographic print sleeves, heat transfer rolls, carry rolls, mandrels, coating rolls and vacuum rolls. As part of the Precision Roll Solutions family, MECA helps the world’s leading manufacturers leverage texture and other process variables to make their products more effective and enhance their impact in the marketplace.

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