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Pressure Vessel and Tank Fabrication Requires Specialized Skills

Robinson Metal Pressure Vessel and Tank FabricationRobinson Pipe & Vessel Delivers High-Quality Manufacturing Processes

Pressure vessel and tank fabrication is a specialized service that relatively few metal fabricators are capable of providing. The specialists at Robinson Pipe & Vessel, a division of Robinson Metal, Inc., can take projects from concept through design and installation for customers that rely on pressure vessels to operate safely and deliver consistent performance.

Robinson Pipe & Vessel offers turnkey manufacturing capabilities that include pressure vessel and tank fabrication, and the mechanisms associated with these complex assets. The company offers pressure vessels made of a variety of materials, including multiple grades of carbon steel, duplex stainless steel and a number of grades of stainless steel.

“Our team’s expertise in designing and completing pressure vessel projects provides a solid return on investment for our customers,” says Chad Hendzel, Robinson Pipe & Vessel division manager. “The temperatures and pressures at which these vessels are asked to operate require superior manufacturing capabilities to ensure safety and performance.”

Custom Pressure Vessel and Tank Fabrication

Robinson Pipe & Vessel works with a variety of customers ranging from those in the oil and gas industry to water treatment facilities to industrial customers who use pressurized chemicals or other liquids in their processes. The division’s pressure vessel capabilities produce units ranging in size from 6 inches in diameter and 1 foot long to 10 feet in diameter and 40 feet in length, while tank sizes are limited primarily by transportation challenges.

“We excel at the design and production of non-standard pressure vessels in addition to standard units,” Hendzel says. “Our team ensures weld quality with our own AWS certified weld inspectors along with third-party inspectors as required by ASME Section VIII Division 1 code.”

About Robinson Metal, Inc.

Robinson Metal, a leader in providing fabrication jobs in Green Bay, operates out of a custom-designed, 185,000-square-foot modern facility. The company is a single-source metal fabrication supplier, employing more than 300 people at its facilities in De Pere, Wisconsin. Its four divisions include: Fab & Machine; Pipe & Vessel; Robinson Custom Enclosures; and Robinson Heating & Cooling.

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