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Premium IP Video Surveillance Offers Serious Security

BAYCOM IP videoBAYCOM’s Expertise Provides Advantages for Public Safety and Commercial Organizations

Last month in this space, we discussed the advantages that public safety and municipal organizations are experiencing by upgrading their video surveillance systems to digital internet protocol (IP) technology featuring high-resolution video capabilities. Today we will go into more detail about what makes the best of these IP video systems a smart investment over the long term.

BAYCOM recommends the IndigoVision system, anchored by its powerful digital IP video cameras, for its ability to enhance safety for residents, property and officers. Digital IP video cameras send and receive data via a computer network and the internet in addition to feeding it to a video recorder, making this technology the optimal choice for organizations serious about upgrading their outdated analog systems.

“In addition to the obvious image enhancements, organizations are impressed with the IndigoVision system because of the combination of benefits and it is extremely easy to use,” said Jason Pedersen, sales and solutions engineer for BAYCOM. “The advanced video surveillance capabilities provide clients a full solution without needing to compromise in quality, recording and data storage.”

IP Video Cameras Have Increased Data Compression

The incredible amount of data produced by IP video systems can bog down computer networks if not managed effectively. The IndigoVision system features proprietary technology that offers up to 90 percent compression compared to standard systems without missing a frame. The IP video system’s chip set sends a very compressed, managed data stream over an organization’s network.

“This compressed and managed stream allows us to send video data over long distances utilizing wireless and mobile networks,” Pedersen said. “Organizations save with IndigoVision on the amount of data being transferred as well as storage fees and data management.”

Ease of Use

IndigoVision’s intuitive interface enables quick response times that can make a big difference in public safety situations. Operators can search and offload IP video quickly, and dispatchers and administrators access to specific camera locations that are important to them.

Public safety departments are using IndigoVision’s scalable wireless video capabilities to supplement their personnel assignments, mitigating risk at locations such as senior centers, community centers, the YMCA and parks.

“One of the biggest compliments we receive with this system is how easy it is to use,” Pedersen notes. “Managing a video surveillance system can be costly and time consuming, and we’ve found the IndigoVision system makes it easy on every level of user to view, download and share video.”

Rugged and Reliable

The IndigoVision cameras have an exceptional track record for reliability and an extremely low failure rate. They are designed to withstand the extremes of winter and summer conditions, and can withstand 60-below chill factors.

“The features we hear the most positive comments about are the reliability of the software and the IP video cameras themselves,” Pedersen says. “We have systems across Wisconsin that extend across waterways and harsh weather environments that have continued to operate for more than a decade.”


BAYCOM is an affiliate company of OwnersEdge Inc., a 100 percent employee-owned ESOP holding company. Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, the company delivers industry-leading communications and video solutions that help public safety organizations and commercial customers operate safely and with maximum efficiency. BAYCOM serves customers in Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest through certified service center locations in Green Bay, Fox Crossing, Pewaukee, Portage, Madison and La Crosse, Wisconsin. Visit or call 800- 726-5426 to learn more about BAYCOM.

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