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Precision rolls for wrinkle removal help optimize web performance

MECA precision rolls for wrinkle removalMECA produces anti-wrinkle rolls designed for converting excellence

If there is one issue that consistently confounds converters, it is keeping wrinkles out of the web. MECA has answered this challenge with the development of a pair of precision rolls for wrinkle removal that can counteract many of the issues most commonly identified as the root cause of wrinkles.

Our reverse taper rolls and grooved rubber spreader rolls have demonstrated their ability to act as precision rolls for wrinkle removal across a wide range of web configurations. These anti-wrinkle rolls can fully eliminate wrinkles, or at least narrow down the list of potential causes of wrinkles developing on the web.

Reverse taper rolls – These reverse crown rolls encourage the web to climb up to the high side of the roll. This type of precision roll for wrinkle removal uses a concave surface design that is narrower in the middle and features a larger diameter toward the ends.

Grooved rubber spreader rolls – This concept of precision rolls for wrinkle removal uses a series of spiraling grooves set in very soft rubber to gently, but effectively, spread the web and pull it taut. This design works best with very thin substrates since it enables the web to run at lower tension levels with higher line speeds.

MECA’s precision rolls for wrinkle removal complement related items such as our vacuum rolls to form an effective inventory of web-handling assets. We are able to groove any kind of metal roll to your specifications, with lightweight carbon fiber rolls our specialty.

Precision rolls for wrinkle removal counteract web issues

The most effective way to keep wrinkles out of the web is to set up machines and rolls correctly to begin with. However, even the best converting specialists benefit from using precision rolls for wrinkle removal. They save time and deliver anti-wrinkle technology that complements proper setup.

Here is a look at the most common root causes of web wrinkles:

Machines out of alignment – Precision rolls for wrinkle removal will do little good in cases where machine stands are not in alignment.

Insufficient web support – Wrinkles tend to appear more often when the span between rollers is long. Your web may benefit from the addition of idler rolls if the unsupported portion is three times the width of the substrate or more.

Inconsistent roller geometry – This can occur as a result of excessive surface wear or something as basic as a poorly manufactured roll.

Web quality that is less than ideal – Poorly wound parent rolls and excessive run-out create variables that can result in web wrinkles.

Expansion of the web – Web material can expand or contract due to changes in temperature or moisture content. Inserting precision rolls for wrinkle removal, such as our grooved rubber spreader rolls, may eliminate the web’s tendency to wrinkle.

Roll deflection – The load of the web can cause rolls to bend. Fixing this issue may require an assessment of your entire system to identify the specific variables involved. You will need to have answers ready for several critical questions in fixing this issue, and our team can guide you through that process. These questions may pertain to maximum line speed, web tension (PLI), web width, amount of web wrap and any nip load (PLI).

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