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PHC’s cannabis processing experience automates production processes

Product Handling Concepts brings automation expertise to an emerging industry

Cannabis processing equipment has become a highly valued asset as manufacturers in this emerging industry invest in efficient production systems to stabilize margins. Product Handling Concepts (PHC), a division of Robinson Metal, Inc., is bringing expertise gained in serving the food and beverage, paper, and other industries to help solve challenges faced by cannabis manufacturers.

PHC’s core competencies translate seamlessly to benefit operations such as cannabis manufacturing that are outside of our primary customer base. Technologies including conveyors with motor driven rollers are popular investments for customers looking to get the most out of their case handling systems.

Cannabis processing equipment, along with PHC automation experience, helps cannabis companies automate product handling during the cultivation, manufacturing, and packaging processes. We have leveraged our knowledge gained in more than 30 years of designing solutions for other industries to develop a variety of cannabis processing options.

Cannabis processing equipment solves common production issues

Our experience in designing product handling solutions for other industries allowed us to hit the ground running when the cannabis industry exploded onto the national scene. Manufacturers, whether starting their operations from the ground up or in existing facilities, need cannabis processing equipment that minimizes ongoing expenses and maximizes margins.

PHC engineers work directly with cannabis equipment manufacturers to provide the best production systems for our customers. We also take the lead in guiding our cannabis manufacturing clients toward best-thought industry practices, as this new industry does not yet have a long list of regulations or established best practices to follow.

Some of the challenges our design team works to solve include:

  • Custom layout of facilities and processes
  • Ergonomically friendly work environments
  • Automation to create efficiencies in all processes
  • Timed automation, which allows accurate monitoring of production

PHC engineers communicate with manufacturers in the emerging cannabis industry to continually upgrade and enhance capabilities.

About Robinson Metal, Inc.

Robinson Metal, Inc., is a single-source metal fabrication supplier employing more than 400 people at facilities in De Pere and Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Its six divisions include: Robinson Fab & Machine; Robinson Pipe & Vessel; Robinson Custom Enclosures; Robinson Heating & Cooling; Product Handling Concepts; and Gas Trailer. The company’s primary campus in De Pere features a climate-controlled 185,000-square-foot facility plus a 35,000-square-foot clean assembly area, and an additional 112,000 square feet in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

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