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Our opportunity: Provide the capstone on a memorable event

Medalcraft Mint medallionThe efforts and accomplishments of nonprofit organizations often elicit strong emotions from their supporters. The documentary film “The Truth About Reading” certainly fit that description for individuals involved in the production.

DNA Films, a subsidiary of DNA Media, in partnership with the John Corcoran Foundation produced a film focusing on the functional literacy problem faced by millions of children and adults in the United States. Mr. Corcoran was a successful real estate investor and California high school teacher who famously admitted at the age of 48 that he could not read, write or spell.

DNA Films took the lead in creating opportunities for individuals and organizations to contribute funding for the project. Part of the filming took place in San Diego, where the San Diego Council on Literacy planned to present supporters with a Literacy Champion medallion.

Zack Viscomi, chief operating officer for DNA Media, contracted with Medalcraft Mint to produce a 3½-inch brass medallion with 24-kt gold plating. Zack requested our team produce a medallion with exceptional shine qualities on tight turnaround for the film’s quickly approaching San Diego release event.

“I asked if there was any way to get production expedited so we could get the medallions in time for our event,” Zack says. “They were able to meet our rush situation and shipped out the medallions overnight. They arrived the morning of our event and looked fantastic.”

The medallions proved to be an effective reminder of the emotions involved with the event. Recipients provided feedback to DNA Media and others involved with the film, as well as posted photos on social media, stating how much having a Literacy Champion medallion around their neck meant to them.

“We gave out the medallions at the end of the event, and people got chills. There were tears involved,” Zack adds. “People called us later and told us this was a life-changing event for them, and the medallions signified that. The medallions took a magical experience for them and signified it in a well-produced product. A lesser-quality medallion would not have had the same effect.”

For more information or to request a quote for a custom medallion, please go to or call 800‑558‑6348.

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