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Our opportunity: Bring an artist’s vision to fruition

Medalcraft Mint custom medallionsJurek Jakowicz reserves a special place in his heart for the families of American service members. As a native of Poland, the Sioux Falls (South Dakota) artist is well-acquainted with the pain of war and the toll it can take on those left behind.

Medalcraft Mint worked with Jakowicz to produce 3-inch bronze medallions for the Sioux Falls chapter of Folds of Honor. The non-profit organization has chapters throughout the USA that provide educational scholarships to spouses and children of America’s fallen and disabled service members.

The project began with a drawing on paper, from which Jakowicz received approval on design choice from representatives of the Sioux Falls chapter. He proceeded to make a clay sculpture of the approved design, and upon further approval, went on to render the design as a plastic mold for shipment to Medalcraft Mint.

Our production team then used Jakowicz’s plastic mold to create a custom die for the ensuing die-striking process. An antique finish provided a classy touch to the finished custom medallions.

“The execution was beautiful. I really like how it was done,” Jakowicz says of the medallions. “All of the people who have seen it are very pleased with it, too.

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