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Metal Ware updates its website to highlight contract manufacturing

The Metal Ware Corporation new website launchWisconsin-based maker of NESCO appliances offers custom manufacturing

The Metal Ware Corporation, a Wisconsin-based manufacturer specializing in metal stamping and coating, plastic injection molding, and plastic rotational molding, has updated its website to feature its contract manufacturing capabilities known as MW Manufacturing.

The revised Metal Ware website includes information on the plastic and metal contract manufacturing services that help its clients bring products from concept to delivery. MW Manufacturing also offers plastic extrusion, powder coating, non-stick coating, grit blasting, wood working, and sub-assembly services.

Based in North Central United States, on the shores of Lake Michigan in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, The Metal Ware Corporation is best known for producing NESCO appliances, American Harvest dehydrators, as well as the Chard and Carey brands of game processing and kitchenware products. Metal Ware also manufactures for licensed brands including DEWALT.

About The Metal Ware Corporation

Founded in 1920 as a copper and nickel-plated utensil company, The Metal Ware Corporation, now a 100-year old manufacturing company, specializes in metal stamping and coating; plastic injection molding; plastic rotational molding and plastic extrusion, as well as production of its own brands. Metal Ware today offers MW Manufacturing and the skills of more than 100 employees working in 400,000 square feet of manufacturing, distribution, and office space across six locations in the United States and Asia.

For more information about The Metal Ware Corporation and MW Manufacturing’s services or to request a quote, call (800) 288-4545, email [email protected], or visit

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