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Medical Laminations Benefit From Precise Web Tension Control

ACC medical laminationsAmerican Custom Converting Provides Specialized Lamination Services

Medical laminations are among the most delicate products converting suppliers produce for medical supply companies and other customers that source absorbent products with a barrier. American Custom Converting’s ability to handle extremely lightweight films makes it an excellent choice for this process among wide web laminating companies.

“Tension control plays an important role in producing high-quality medical laminations,” explains Mark Kyles, ACC managing member of sales. “Our equipment maintains exceptional lamination quality even at very low tensions, with precise control of adhesive add-on rates and temperature.”

ACC produces medical laminations for web widths up to 124 inches for hot melt applications and up to 108 inches for water-based adhesives. The Green Bay, Wisconsin-based company works with medical supply companies to deliver clean, high-performance products free of defects.

Medical Laminations Include Table Covers and Procedure Gowns

Medical products require specific characteristics for optimal performance. These can include light-absorbing blue colors to aid a surgeon’s optics and table covers that prevent blood and other bodily fluids from contaminating hard assets such as exam tables.

Procedure room drapes, patient and practitioner procedure gowns, and a variety of absorbent pads are among the products within ACC’s medical laminations capabilities.

“Our wide web format provides a cost-effective opportunity for medical supply companies to source their products,” notes Kyles. “We provide additional differentiation through our ability to meet fine specifications for a variety of high-quality, absorbent media laminated to a poly.”

About American Custom Converting

American Custom Converting is a Green Bay, Wisconsin-based converter of paper, tissue, nonwovens and other substrates, as well as a provider of hot and cold lamination services, folding and packaging, aqueous coating, complete product finishing, contract manufacturing, and custom machine design and process development services. ACC teams adhere to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMPs), supported by a dedicated Quality Assurance Manager, and are dedicated to adding value with integrity for every customer.

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