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Media Destruction in El Paso Requires Specialized Equipment

Commercial Records Center Protects Sensitive Information

Commercial Records Center media destruction in El PasoMedia destruction is an often-overlooked portion of data security for many organizations that makes a variety of sensitive information vulnerable to attack. Commercial Records Center, a specialist in media destruction in El Paso, Texas, provides comprehensive services focused on eliminating risk.

While paper document shredding is the first thought when companies craft a destruction strategy, computer hard drives and other physical data storage devices also provide thieves with easy access to sensitive information.

“Secure media destruction requires specialized equipment that virtually guarantees your data will be inaccessible,” said Skip Litt, president of Commercial Records Center, which holds AAA certification from the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). “Records management in El Paso is at a stage where companies and organizations should expect industry-leading services from a locally owned provider.”

Think Beyond Computer Media Destruction

Commercial Records Center provides a certificate of destruction that lists the serial numbers of destroyed hard drives and servers for companies to have on file. In addition to corporate information, media can include personal information such as birthdates, Social Security numbers and other data that could lead to identity theft.

“It is critical to our customers’ long-term security and that of their workforce to effectively render any type of media useless for potential thieves,” Litt said. “This includes copiers, printers and other devices that retain more information than most people realize.”

About Commercial Records Center

Commercial Records Center is a locally owned records management company specializing in records and magnetic media storage, online data backup, scan-on-demand services, and document and hard drive destruction for customers in the El Paso, Texas, and southern New Mexico area. The company offers mobile paper shredding services for commercial customers as well as shredding for commercial and residential customers at its El Paso location.

For more information on Commercial Records Center’s capabilities or to request a quote, go to or call 915-534-3959.

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