You are currently viewing MECA Solutions’ printing sleeves feature proprietary materials

MECA Solutions’ printing sleeves feature proprietary materials

printing sleevesSuperior performance and fast turnaround make MECA the leader in sleeve production

Flexographic printers expect a great deal from their print sleeves, so the materials of construction and their timely delivery are paramount to their operations.

MECA Solutions, LLC offers two distinct options of high-quality printing sleeves to meet the requirements of flexographic printers, which include dimensional stability at high speeds and rapid turnaround times on orders.

“Our hard bridge sleeves and printing sleeves are manufactured with a quality-first mentality,” states Tim Olson, sales manager at MECA Solutions. “We also lead the industry with an average turnaround time of three weeks, which provides our customers with an exceptional product they can trust to maximize their performance when they need it.”

Two types of printing sleeves with specific characteristics

MECA’s first option for print sleeves is manufactured from a specially formulated resin and non-woven material to provide dimensional stability at the most extreme conditions. The second option is an aluminum body sleeve that offers the industry best TIR and enhanced durability. Both options are lightweight and appropriate for all thicknesses of plates and types of adhesives, and are backed with a full one-year warranty.

MECA representatives always have time to work with their customers regarding the information they need to make informed decisions regarding performance characteristics.

“The aluminum design option is a recent addition to the MECA Solutions product line,” Olson says. “Aluminum sleeves are a good choice for customers who are looking for enhanced wear resistance as a performance characteristic of printing sleeves.”

About MECA Solutions

MECA Solutions is North America’s premier manufacturer of high-precision cylindrical products for the printing and web handling industries. Included in MECA’s product offering are flexographic print sleeves, heat transfer rolls, carry rolls, mandrels, coating rolls and other specialty roller products. MECA utilizes a variety of materials such as steel, aluminum, carbon fiber and other substrates to manufacture its precision products for the industrial printing, coating and web converting industries.

For more information about MECA Solutions’ design and manufacturing capabilities, contact Tim Olson, Sales Manager; Phone 920-336-7382, email: [email protected] or visit

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