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MECA Leads in VSOP Plate and Blanket Sleeves Manufacturing

Printers Rely on the Only Certified Manufacturer in North America

VSOP plate and blanket sleevesMECA’s status as the only certified manufacturer of VSOP plate and blanket sleeves in North America provides an important point of distinction with the printing industry. An industry leader in the designing and manufacturing of flexographic print sleeves, carbon fiber bridge sleeves and other precision components used in web converting applications, MECA introduced its VSOP (variable speed offset printing) plate and blanket sleeves in 2009 to meet demand within the industry.

“We manufacture our VSOP plate and blanket sleeves with lightweight carbon fiber in order to maintain dimensional stability through changes in pressure, humidity and heat,” said Tim Olson, sales manager at MECA.

MECA’s VSOP plate and blanket sleeves are available for paper, board, film and other substrates in repeats ranging from 15 inches to 44 inches and lengths ranging from 12 inches to 60 inches. MECA’s VSOP plate sleeves are designed to keep your plate from drifting with locking bars on each end of our sleeve. This ensures your plate stays in place.

In the offset printing process, the substrate never comes in direct contact with the plate and the image is offset onto the blanket sleeve. This allows for longer runs without interruptions by eliminating downtime required to replace the plate. The plate does come into direct contact with the substrate in the flexographic printing process.

“The evolution of the print industry is leading to fewer and fewer producers of these sleeves, making a dependable producer like us a valuable partner for our customers,” Olson said. “MECA is very proud that we are the only certified North American manufacturer of VSOP sleeves. It speaks volumes about the willingness of our engineering team to adapt to different press designs and showcase our manufacturing ability. MECA is constantly evolving our processes and technology so we can provide the highest-quality sleeves and earn the right to do business with our customers.”

About MECA

MECA is an innovative engineering provider and manufacturer of rubber rolls, tight tolerance machined components, gears, composite plate and bridge sleeves, aluminum and carbon fiber anilox sleeves, and mechanically engraved cylinders for the industrial printing, coating and web converting industries. The company employs more than 55 people at its facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin (USA).

For more information about MECA’s design and manufacturing capabilities, call Tim Olson, sales manager, at 920-336-7382 or visit

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