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Material handling automation generates operational efficiencies

PHC material handling automationProduct Handling Concepts (PHC) designs and builds custom material handling automation systems

Product manufacturers are leveraging the benefits of material handling automation to keep up with production demands. Labor market constraints combined with a desire for increased efficiency is creating demand for automation expertise from Product Handling Concepts (PHC), a division of Robinson Metal, Inc.

PHC specializes in material handling projects that automate some of the repetitive motion tasks common with product orientation redistribution. These systems result in an increase in production and typically fewer employee injuries, especially those related to repetitive motions.

“Material handling automation often eliminates mundane tasks that free up employees for more skilled activities,” says Jim Livermore, PHC sales manager. “PHC also builds automated systems that work alongside employees rather than replacing them.”

Manufacturers benefit from material handling automation

The use of robotics and automation is not new to manufacturing, but the concept is gaining additional traction as low unemployment rates throughout the United States make it difficult for employers to fill lower-paying positions. PHC engineers work with manufacturers to design material handling systems that maximize efficiencies and boost capacity.

“Material handling automation is the answer for companies looking for innovation in material handling systems,” Livermore says. “The ability to grow your business during a tight labor market requires the high level of expertise that PHC brings to the table.”

As a division of Robinson Metal, PHC offers the additional advantages of quality assurance processes and testing at all inspection points. Customers have the convenience of a single point of contact, ensuring consistency of communication and a high level of collaboration on every material handling automation project.

About Robinson Metal, Inc.

Robinson Metal, Inc., is a single-source metal fabrication supplier employing more than 375 people at facilities in De Pere and Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Its six divisions include: Robinson Fab & Machine; Robinson Pipe & Vessel; Robinson Custom Enclosures; Robinson Heating & Cooling; Product Handling Concepts; and Gas Trailer. The company’s primary campus in De Pere features a custom-designed, climate-controlled 185,000-square-foot facility plus a 35,000-square-foot clean assembly area, and an additional 112,000 square feet in Manitowoc.

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