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Manufacturing assembly services keep quality control in-house

Titletown Manufacturing - manufacturing assembly services

Minimizing outsourced services ensures consistent performance

Titletown Manufacturing has the ability to provide complete manufacturing assembly services which affords original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) a stronger level of confidence in the quality of their order. Performing virtually all aspects of manufacturing assembly services with our own teams ensures a standard of quality control not possible for shops that outsource services.

“We can even test-run equipment in our facility to ensure optimal operation prior to shipping,” explains Chris Fuss, Titletown Manufacturing’s co-owner along with Dan Hilliard. “We have the space to store needed materials on site, which enhances our ability to deliver manufacturing assembly services quickly and cost-effectively.”

Our highly skilled team members perform a long list of services including machining, hydraulics, steel and aluminum fabrication. Titletown Manufacturing’s assemblers are also experienced machinists who are skilled in a variety of equipment used in manufacturing assembly services.

Manufacturing assembly services benefit from expanded facilities

In some ways it seems like only yesterday, but it has been two years already, since Titletown Manufacturing moved into our larger, current facility. We doubled our space to 40,000 square feet, giving us the needed room for everything that goes into manufacturing assembly services.

“We can now handle much larger projects than we ever could in the old facility,” Chris says. “We have a pair of 10-ton overhead bridge cranes for heavy loads, allowing us to complete everything from smaller subassemblies to full machine builds.”

Titletown Manufacturing employs its own full-time electrician as well as specialists in machine assembly services. We have the in-house expertise OEMs prefer in communicating directly with their engineering team regarding design as well as manufacturing assembly services.

About Titletown Manufacturing LLC

Titletown Manufacturing LLC is a trusted metal machining and fabrication shop with over 60 years of experience in CNC machining, welding, grinding, assembly and reverse engineering for a wide range of industrial customers throughout the region. The company employs more than 30 people at its facility at 817 Marquis Way in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

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