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Lightweight Idlers for Printing Aid in High Performance

MECA idlers for printingMECA Solutions Supplies Idler Rolls for Converting Specialists

Idlers for printing often do not receive the same level of attention as their power-driven counterparts, but lightweight idler rolls still serve as an essential tool in the competitive converting marketplace. MECA Solutions, a premier manufacturer of VSOP OEM sleeve replacements, supplies idler rolls that support efficient converting operations.

MECA produces carbon fiber and aluminum idlers for printing and converting operations that run true and spin easily, and can be provided in dead shaft or live shaft form. Free-turning idler rolls often feature a thin wall and low friction bearings to effectively perform their web supporting function.

“We are able to leverage our expertise in manufacturing a complete array of converting rolls to provide our customers with an overall solutions package,” says Tim Olson, sales manager at MECA. “Idlers for printing are a relatively simple product that performs an important role on the web line.”

Idlers for Printing Depend on Minimal Effort to Change Speeds

MECA uses carbon fiber in manufacturing many of its rolls for the flexographic printing industry due to its advantages in maintaining dimensional stability through changes in heat, humidity and external load or pressure.

The lightweight and high strength attributes of carbon fiber and aluminum allow for low inertia characteristics in idler rolls. The low inertia of these idler rolls allows for easy acceleration and deceleration as web speeds vary, to effectively convey the web along its desired path.

“Carbon fiber, in particular, also has enhanced vibration absorption properties that are essential when running at high speeds,” Olson explains. “Carbon fiber idlers for printing have become a cost-effective option as printers pair an attractive return on investment with the ability to run at faster speeds.”

About MECA Solutions

MECA Solutions is an innovative engineering provider and manufacturer of flexographic printing sleeves, rubber rolls, custom rolls, tight tolerance machined components, gears, precision rollers, composite plate and bridge sleeves, aluminum and carbon fiber anilox sleeves, and mechanically engraved cylinders for the industrial printing, coating and web converting industries. The company employs more than 60 people at its facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin (USA).

For more information about MECA Solutions’ design and manufacturing capabilities, contact Tim Olson, sales manager; Phone 920-336-7382, email: [email protected] or visit

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