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Let NESCO help with the snacks for ice fishing

Jumbo Jerky Kit with jerky gun makes healthy snacks easy

Get your shanties ready! Ice fishing season is finally here. Gone are the days of frozen fishermen perched over a hole. With state-of-the-art shanties, ice festivals and new high-tech equipment, the sport has gotten an upgrade and your snacks should too.

NESCO’s Jumbo Jerky Kit with Jerky Seasonings and jerky gun can provide the flavor you and your ice fishing buddies are looking for on the ice. Homemade jerky is the perfect addition to outdoor sports like ice fishing. It’s lightweight and has a long shelf life.

“The jumbo jerky gun holds up to 1 lb. of seasoned ground meat,” says Dan Kuenzi, vice president of sales and marketing for NESCO. “And all our seasonings are made right here in the USA too.”

The three interchangeable attachments allow users to customize the jerky to their preferred shape. With the attachments, jerky can be made into wide strips, dual strips or round sticks. And that’s not the only thing that’s customizable.

Original Jerky Seasoning 10lb Yield

The jerky kit includes two packs of Original jerky seasoning, one pack of Teriyaki seasoning, one pack of Hot & Spicy, two packs of Andouille seasoning and six packs of cure — allowing users to pick their favorite flavor.

“Our seasonings are gluten free and taste amazing,” he says. “When looking for a healthy snack that will sustain you for a longer period of time, jerky is a keto-friendly snack that is almost pure protein. And it’s so easy.”

Three simple steps to homemade jerky with the NESCO jerky gun

  • Step 1 – Blend one seasoning and cure packet of NESCO Jerky Spices with two pounds of beef, venison, turkey or other meat.
  • Step 2 – Load the gun with the jerky meat mixture. Insert the desired tip attachment.
  • Step 3 – Hold the jerky gun over the dehydrator tray and squeeze the silver trigger repeatedly to release the mixture onto the tray. Dry the jerky at the highest temperature until the jerky is “leathery.”

You can make delicious, healthy jerky at home for a fraction of the cost of store-bought jerky with a NESCO Dehydrator, or your conventional oven, and the NESCO Jumbo Jerky Kit with Jerky Seasonings and jerky gun. Then hit the ice!

NESCO: Your Key Ingredient

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