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Let Medalcraft Mint design a challenge coin for your organization

Let Medalcraft Mint design a challenge coinMedalcraft’s design team can bring your challenge coin to life

Among the most common calls we receive at the Medalcraft Mint Inc. headquarters in Green Bay, Wisconsin are requests to design a challenge coin for a group or organization. Forgive the play on words, but our design professionals love these orders because it requires them to rise to the challenge of creating something truly special.

Challenge coins are a popular way for organizations to encourage high-level performance from team members. Most of the time, our customers have little more than a logo and group name to offer as starting points. That’s fine by us, as it gives our designers the freedom to do what they do best.

Our ability to design a challenge coin provides organizations with a significant differentiating factor compared to stock challenge coins available from overseas suppliers. Similar to designing a graduation medallion for educational customers, the process we use to design a challenge coin results in a commemorative that recipients treasure for the long term.

After we design a challenge coin, what’s next?

Designing a challenge coin is just the first step in producing an exceptional commemorative. Upon receiving approval of the artwork from the customer, our artisans set about hand-sculpting or engraving the design on steel die block.

The ensuing die-striking process involves pressing metal into the die cavity so we can create an exact impression of your custom-designed image challenge coin after challenge coin. This process allows us to use higher-quality materials than coins made from casted molds.

Our all-American manufacturing process is especially important when we design a challenge coin for military units, law enforcement agencies, and emergency medical services (EMS) organizations. Corporate customers, health care organizations and educational institutions appreciate the high quality and prompt delivery as well.

You can count on our team at Medalcraft Mint to design a challenge coin for your organization or group that delivers the motivating message you need to reach the next level.

Medalcraft Mint has a reputation for quality craftsmanship

Medalcraft Mint has been a Wisconsin-based company since its founding in 1948. The company produces a wide selection of challenge coins, badges, recognition awards, ceremonial maces and other commemoratives in its 40,000-square-foot facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin. For more information about Medalcraft Mint’s products or to request a quote, please go to or call 800-558-6348.

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