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Laser cutting delivers high-level accuracy for metal fabrication

Robinson’s investments in laser cutting assets provide project versatility

It doesn’t seem that long ago when laser cutting was considered an advanced technology in the metal fabrication industry. Today, we can’t imagine a world without these highly accurate tools. Robinson continues to invest in state-of-the-art technology in our ongoing commitment to serve our customers as a single-source solution provider. The newest addition is an AMADA 9kW fiber laser with automated load/unload.

Laser cutting actually is a relatively recent development in the manufacturing sector despite the existence of the technology since the 1960s. Extensive advancements over the past 20 years have brought computer-based programming into the equation, allowing for precise control in cutting a variety of materials.

The laser cutting process features a consistent beam emitted from a single optic. This enables accuracy as fine as +/- .003 to +/- .005 inches on our AMADA 6000-watt fiber and CO2 lasers, and +/- .032 inches on parts up to 117 inches long and +/- .062 inches on parts 117 to 234 inches long on our AMADA 4000-watt CO2 tube laser.

Laser cutting generates production and project advantages

Laser cutting machines offer several benefits for us as well as our customers. In addition to the precision of the cuts we are able to execute, these machines enable us to complete complex cuts in a very small section of material. This generates minimal warping or distortion, and more accurate overall results.

The precision of our laser operations helps us minimize waste since we’re able to use virtually an entire sheet of raw material. Our equipment can cut through extremely thin material so quickly that it does not generate heat distortion. We can easily machine away any imperfections that do occur.

Finally, the laser itself is a tool. This means we don’t have the retooling or other setup delays that traditional cutting methods may require. Laser cutting delivers predictable results with reduced operational maintenance and quicker production timelines.

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