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Landing Page Optimization Makes Campaign Tracking Easy

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Create a Home Base For Your Marketing Campaign

You have come up with the most brilliant marketing idea ever. The talking dogs are prepped. All of the details are figured out. Your schedule is on a short leash. The sales team is ready to take on a a lot of new business. But you realize you don’t have a way to track all of the results from your campaign. How could this be? You just want everyone to go to your website and order those neon, glow in the dark doggie socks!

This is when your inner nerd must put down the Code Red Mountain Dew and focus on building a great landing page and then on landing page optimization.

Why Landing Page Optimization?

Let’s first start with how to build a great landing page, which is the key to doing the optimization up front. You will need these four things to make this work:

  1. Your sales pitch
  2. Your product details, (must include some great photography )
  3. A quick way to buy your product
  4. A way to capture their contact information

To keep things simple and effective, use an easy to understand sales pitch or the one your current sales campaign uses that your customers are already familiar with. You want to avoid sending out mixed messages for promotions. That’s not to say you can’t mix it up a little bit, but you need to be consistent with your brand message first.

Then, it is time to get to the landing page optimization. If you are using a CMS driven website like WordPress or a similar system, this is very easy. You just creat a new page and give it a simple name that sums up your campaign. We will pretend my company is Kiar’s Dog Toys, and my campaign is Neon Dog Socks.

You can use this URL for all of your traditional advertising and online links. It is simple and gets to the point. Just make sure this page has a catchy sub title that gives a reason to buy your awesome neon dog socks. It is like the secondary call to action. Then, here is where your juicy photo comes in handy. No landing page optimization would be complete without tagging your photo with a keyword. Keep this photo at the top of the page so your visitors know what they are buying.

Next give them the quick easy description on why your neon dog socks are the thing they can’t live without and how much they cost. From there it is time to convert them into customers or prospects. I like to have a nice big Buy Now button on the page. This is the Pavlovian gotta-have-it solution. We all know what this is and are always ready to click it. I also recommend having a small form on this page that asks for name and email to get more information to these customers for even better landing page optimization. That way if they are not ready to buy, but are interested, you can email them a steady stream of dog tips and toys on a regular basis. The best part is, they are asking you to send them your information!

Remember, execution of a great campaign is just as important as setting everything up correctly. You will still need to place ads in traditional and online sources. The goal is to drive in new traffic, so you will need a way to show them the way to your amazing product landing page!

Remember, landing page optimization has more teeth when you do it right to start with. So instead of barking up the wrong tree, do it right and you won’t be chasing your tail all day.

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About the author: Kiar Olson has been at the cutting edge of advertising, media, websites and interactive strategy since 1996. His love of 80’s hair bands and all things from that era make him well versed in being made fun of by his wife and two teenage children.

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