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It’s never too late for central air conditioner installation

Robinson Heating & Cooling central air conditioner installation
Robinson Heating & Cooling central air conditioner installation

Robinson Heating & Cooling installs central air conditioners in Green Bay

Your central air conditioner has been working hard since May, and now in the heat of summer, it suddenly decides to take a most unwelcome break. You’re not alone in this betrayal of technology. The Robinson Heating & Cooling, is prepared to get your home back to its comfortable self with central air conditioner installation in Green Bay and northeastern Wisconsin.

There are many variables that play into the life expectancy of a central air conditioner, but most units last about 15 years with proper maintenance. When it’s time to update your unit, our expert technicians will verify the appropriate size for your home.

This is important because an undersized unit won’t be powerful enough to cool your home on the hottest days. In addition, it will run longer and use more energy than a correctly sized unit.

A central air conditioner that is too large for your home also will use more energy than necessary, while potentially cooling the air so quickly that your system won’t have the opportunity to extract moisture and lower the inside humidity. A whole home dehumidifier can help remove moisture from the air and reduce the demands on your central air conditioning system in any situation.

Central air conditioner installation on an older home is possible

It’s not just newer homes that are capable of having central air conditioning. Our teams complete central air conditioner installation projects on older homes on a regular basis. Is this the year you bring your older home into the modern era?

There are several factors that play a role in determining just how big of a project this will be. The project is much less involved for homes with an existing forced-air heating system because the ductwork largely is already in place.

A house that needs ducts to distribute air will require considerably more time and materials to get the job done. Our teams are experienced in retrofitting older homes to minimize the visual impact of new ductwork.

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Robinson Heating & Cooling, Inc.; 45 years of HVAC experience

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