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Is fear of pain keeping you away from the dentist?

The Center for Dental Excellence painless dentist
The Center for Dental Excellence painless dentist

Dr. David Brusky combines techniques and technology to deliver painless dentistry services

Dr. David Brusky’s commitment to being the painless dentist of choice for patients throughout the Green Bay, Wisconsin, area is demonstrated by his continued investments in technology and specialty techniques. From custom anesthetic compounds to advanced anesthetic delivery systems, The Center for Dental Excellence focuses on patient comfort every step of the way.

“The term ‘painless dentist’ is as much a mental state of mind as it is physical,” Dr. David says. “People typically avoid coming to the dentist due to some combination of money, time or fear, so I invest in things that make your visit as painless as possible.”

Dr. David’s multi-step approach makes for a painless dentist visit

Dr. David uses a variety of tools and techniques to minimize discomfort for his patients. Some of these approaches are more obvious than others, but all of them share the goal of enhancing your comfort.

Applying an effective topical anesthetic to pre-numb the tissue is a good way to begin most procedures. Dr. David invests in a specially compounded ointment that features three different anesthetics. They are designed to minimize or even completely eliminate injection discomfort.

The Wand® computer-assisted system guides delivery of the anesthetic to a specific spot in your mouth. Its metered, controlled delivery method further reduces discomfort. The ability to perform single-tooth anesthesia (STA) with the Wand system brings with it the benefit of eliminating general numbness in the face.

The Onset® Anesthetic Buffering System neutralizes the acidic sting of anesthetic to dramatically enhance its effectiveness. The system blocks nerve receptor sites within your mouth so you feel virtually nothing during an anesthetic injection.

As an added bonus, the Wand and Onset systems combine to shorten the amount of time you spend in the chair by numbing your mouth in as little as two minutes. Shortening appointments is another way Dr. David works to gain patient trust as a painless dentist in Green Bay.

Finally, simple distraction can be an effective technique for a painless dentist. The Center for Dental Excellence team will offer you a set of cordless headphones you can wear to enjoy a video, TV show or music of your choice. You can even bring in your own device.

Contact us to experience how a painless dentist like Dr. David can make your dental appointment a low-stress visit with minimal discomfort.

About The Center for Dental Excellence in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Dr. David Brusky and his team provide general dentistry services within a holistic framework for patients in Green Bay, Howard, Suamico, De Pere, Pulaski, Shawano and other communities in northeastern Wisconsin. The Center for Dental Excellence is located at 410 Security Blvd., behind the United Health Group building (formerly AMS) in Green Bay, Wisconsin. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (920) 662-1440 or go to

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