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Industrial Engraving machines must endure high-speed operations

Industrial Engraving produces a variety of rugged machines

Consumer products producers require durable industrial engraving machines capable of withstanding high-speed operations over the long term. Industrial Engraving, LLC, has a long history of delivering quality with its line of high-performance machines.

Industrial Engraving offers standard and custom industrial embossers engineered to perform a wide range of embossing or calendering applications.

Top requested industrial engraving machines

Single Station Embossers – Typically loading from the top, these machines provide simple roll handling that minimizes downtime.

Compact Unwind/Embosser – These custom-designed units are designed to take up less space than conventional units.

Two-Station Embossers – These custom-designed industrial engraving machines offer flexibility of design. They are ideal for applications featuring two different patterns with separate runs, as well as calender/embossing applications.

Three-Roll Embossers – Featuring a rubber middle roll, these machines thread a substrate through either the bottom or top roll without having to move the web to a different line. These allow for quick and easy changeovers from one embossing pattern to another with only minor adjustments.

Quad Embossers – These machines hold two steel engraved rolls and two rubber rolls, with only minor adjustments needed to change from one combination setting to another.

Thermobond Embossers – These specialized two-roll embossers are used for thermobond or thermoform applications. Similar in design to standard embossers, they hold double-shell rolls that allow oil or water to flow through the shell and provide a heat source for bonding substrates.

Calendering Equipment – Available in horizontal and vertical configurations, these industrial engraving machines feature hydraulic loading and mechanical roll adjustability for a variety of thermobond or thermoform applications.

About Industrial Engraving, LLC

Industrial Engraving, LLC, designs and manufactures custom embossing rolls and embossing machines for customers operating in a variety of paper, tissue, foil, film and nonwoven markets. Industrial Engraving’s comprehensive services include roll refurbishment, pattern development, and design and production of embossing and calendering equipment. Located just outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin, Industrial Engraving is centrally located for timely delivery throughout the United States.

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