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Idler rolls contribute to efficient product or substrate handling

idler rolls from MECA SolutiponsIdler rolls from MECA Solutions match the quality of other cylindrical products

Idler rolls may not hold the same glitz in flexographic printing and web converting environments as air actuated cylinders and other high-technology assets, but these underappreciated cylindrical products hold their own when it comes to being a workhorse in the production line.

MECA Solutions leverages the same attention to detail in producing supporting assets as it does its other industry-leading cylindrical products. It is a reputation our team has worked hard to establish through every item in our product catalog.

Idler rolls differ from belt-driven drive rollers in that they do not receive direct mechanical energy from a power source. These rolls may operate as part of a greater transmission system through the use of belts or contact with other moving parts, but their primary function is to support the line and keep the web moving between drive rollers.

Idler rolls help control the flow of materials

Idler rolls are used in applications such as supporting conveyor belts in material flow processes and moving thin substrates through converting and printing operations. They also are the sole roller used by gravity conveyors.

“We work with our customers to deliver the precise performance characteristics they need from their rolls,” says Tom Kawula, rolls and engraving sales for MECA Solutions. “This can include rubber-based coatings that impact coefficients of friction, vibration and other properties.”

Weight is another variable in web operations and impacts power source longevity. An increasing number of printers and converters are turning to carbon fiber idler rolls because they are only about 25 percent as heavy as steel idler rolls.

Ask your MECA Solutions representative how we can enhance your operations with our high-performance idler rolls.

About MECA Solutions

MECA Solutions is North America’s premier manufacturer of high-precision cylindrical products for the printing and web handling industries. Included in MECA’s product offering are flexographic print sleeves, heat transfer rolls, carry rolls, mandrels, coating rolls and other specialty roller products. MECA utilizes a variety of materials such as steel, aluminum, carbon fiber and other substrates to manufacture its precision products for the industrial printing, coating and web converting industries.

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