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Finding a Reliable Drug Testing Partner

When Looking at DOT Consortiums in Wisconsin, WDTC Stands Apart

DOT consortiums in Wisconsin - Wisconsin Drug Testing ConsortiumTransportation businesses have strict federal guidelines to follow when it comes to their substance abuse tests. Keeping up with it all can be challenging for business owners, but Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium (WDTC) sets itself apart from other DOT consortiums in Wisconsin by making sure you are compliant. A third party administrator with the Department of Transportation, WDTC can manage your company’s drug testing needs.

WDTC does not allow employees to enter its drug testing consortium pool until they have a negative pre-employment drug test filed with them, whether or not WDTC performs the pre-employment screen. To get in the pool, the employee needs to have the negative drug test during the previous 12 months. Businesses who are part of WDTC’s DOT consortium can expect to have: a random pool of employees maintained, random selection of employees tested quarterly (25 percent for drug and 10 percent for alcohol), and quarterly and year-end summary of drug and alcohol tests. WDTC offers collection sites nationwide, which makes it convenient for businesses to have their employees tested.

WDTC President Mike Bray says being a part of a consortium makes it easier for transportation companies to follow federal regulations.

“Transportation companies have a lot of regulations to follow and keeping up with them all can be confusing,” he says. “As part of a DOT consortium, business owners do not have to worry about managing their drug and alcohol testing processes and can focus instead on running their businesses.”

About Wisconsin Drug Testing Consortium

WDTC partners with transportation companies to provide a variety of affordable screening services, including DNA paternity testing, DOT medical exam locations, DOT drug testing and third party administration. When looking at DOT consortiums in Wisconsin, WDTC sets itself apart by managing high-quality, convenient drug and alcohol testing processes for transportation businesses. Visit our website at to learn more about WDTC and its services or contact President Mike Bray at [email protected].

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