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Engraving patterns demonstrate quality for consumer products

engraving patternsIndustrial Engraving specializes in custom engraving patterns

Have you noticed how crisp, attractive engraving patterns that adorn some of the simple products we use every day can catch your attention and generate a “That’s kind of cool” reaction?

Consumer products companies certainly have, even if it is on a subconscious level for their customers. That is why they partner with leading embossing roller design companies such as Industrial Engraving, LLC, to help their brands stand out from the crowd.

Engraving patterns figure prominently on products such as napkins, paper towels, and other paper and tissue items, as well as a variety of other substrates. Creating high-quality patterns during the embossing roller design process is a specialty service that Industrial Engraving has delivered for more than 60 years.

Industrial Engraving has experience creating engraving patterns for laminates, foil, poly bags, films, plastic, metal, foam and other specialty markets in addition to traditional consumer paper and nonwoven products.

Development of custom engraving patterns

Industrial Engraving’s process for developing engraving patterns has evolved considerably since its earliest engraving options were limited to hand-made tools. Today, master rolls, laser rolls and digital transfer technology (DTT) make up the majority of its engraving pattern applications.

Pattern development artists are able to manipulate the patterns to fit individual roll diameters. DTT offers the ability to engrave embossing rolls without the cost of tooling or master rolls.

On existing rolls Industrial Engraving’s teams often can re-apply engraving patterns without removing large amounts of metal. This minimizes how much the roll’s lifespan decreases.

About Industrial Engraving, LLC

Industrial Engraving, LLC, designs and manufactures custom embossing rolls and embossing machines for customers operating in a variety of paper, tissue, foil, film and nonwoven markets. Industrial Engraving’s comprehensive services include roll refurbishment, pattern development, and design and production of embossing and calendering equipment. Located just outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin, Industrial Engraving is centrally located for timely delivery throughout the United States.

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