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Custom coins deliver pride when they are Made in the USA

Medalcraft Mint Medalcraft Mint custom coinsWisconsin-based Medalcraft Mint produces custom coins and medallions in local facility

American companies and organizations increasingly want to know the location of manufacturing facilities that produce their custom coins, medallions and other commemoratives. That’s because some American suppliers source their products from overseas factories, creating confusion over what is actually Made in the USA.

Medalcraft Mint takes the guesswork out of the sourcing game for custom coins. We complete every step of the production process at our facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin, giving you the confidence to take pride in buying American.

Overseas producers, particularly from China, supply a large number of the color coins, enamel coins and medallions found on the American market. The level of quality featured in our custom coins helps our customers stand out from the crowd and feel good about the patriotic action of supporting our economy.

Custom coins give you the opportunity to be creative

Our design team works with customer representatives to create custom coins that truly reflect the organization’s message. The two sides of a custom coin begin as blank slates that offer opportunities for specific imagery, verbiage and colors appropriate for your occasion.

Oftentimes we start with nothing more than a rough sketch or brief description from the customer of the desired elements for a custom coin. The combination of your guidance and expertise by our artists eventually results in a finished design of which you can be proud. This ease in communication is one of the primary benefits of working with an American producer of custom coins.

Buying American is as much about quality and predictable delivery times as it is about supporting our economy. Medalcraft Mint gives you every reason to confidently cover all of those bases. Call us today to begin the process of creating American-made custom coins for your organization.

Medalcraft Mint: A proud American manufacturer since 1948

Medalcraft Mint Inc. specializes in the design and production of custom medallions, challenge coins, and commemoratives for corporate, education, military, law enforcement, and special event customers. All of our American-made products are manufactured in our Green Bay, Wisconsin, facility to ensure the highest attention to quality with fast and reliable delivery times.

For more information about Medalcraft Mint’s products or to request a quote, please go to or call 800-558-6348.

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