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Cracked windshield replacement shouldn’t be postponed

Same Day Windshield cracked windshield replacementSame Day Windshields can fix your windshield before the damage worsens

Your windshield is the most important piece of glass on your vehicle. It protects you from the elements, bugs, as well as airborne stones and other hazards kicked up by the traffic around you. While it can be tempting to put off cracked windshield replacement, Same Day Windshields can replace damaged auto glass before it has a chance to create a more dangerous situation.

Windshields are particularly vulnerable to rapid crack acceleration because of their bowed configuration on your vehicle. The curve in the glass generates additional stress that weakens its ability to resist widespread cracking. We call this process “cracking out.”

The last thing you want is for your windshield to crack out in the middle of a trip, even one as short as driving to the store. We hear virtually every day from a customer who thought their slightly cracked windshield was okay, only to have their visibility impaired by a rapid cracking out of the glass. Same Day Windshields’ cracked windshield replacement service brings a mobile unit to your door so you can avoid driving with a potentially hazardous windshield.

Insurance companies favor cracked windshield replacement in Florida

Insurance companies are all about minimizing risk, which is why they recommend going ahead with cracked windshield replacement before something more costly can occur such as an accident. Most companies recommend immediate cracked windshield replacement for any cracks longer than the size of a dollar bill, but even small chips can crack out quickly due to changes in temperature or even the pressure from a car wash.

Same Day Windshields makes cracked windshield replacement easy for customers throughout Florida. Simply call our friendly customer service team and we will set up an appointment for one of mobile units to travel to your location. This ensures you won’t experience a cracking-out incident while driving to our shop. You will have a new windshield in place within an hour of our arrival in most cases.

About Same Day Windshields LLC

Same Day Windshields LLC provides professional auto glass replacement and repair services for customers throughout Florida. Our technicians use mobile units to perform onsite services supported by the core values of integrity, accountability and quality. Our customers receive $100 cash back with no-cost windshield replacement when carrying full coverage auto insurance in Florida.

Visit or call 888-492-3230 to schedule an appointment or for more information about cracked windshield replacement.

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