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Converting Process Parts Require Manufacturing Expertise

MECA Solutions Produces Tight Tolerance Parts for the Converting Industry

Maintaining a ready supply of high-quality parts is crucial to ensuring efficient operations for converters. MECA Solutions, a premier manufacturer of sleeves, idlers for printing and other components for the printing, coating and web converting industries, serves as a trusted engineering and supply solution for converting process parts.

MECA Solutions has earned a reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality rolls and other tight tolerance machined components. The company’s expertise extends to converting process parts, including the ability to grind gear teeth and complete assembly projects.

“We have invested in software and equipment that enables us to provide services ranging from concept to finish machining,” explains Tim Olson, sales manager at MECA. “This is especially valuable in producing converting process parts that often feature tight tolerances and lead times.”

Advanced Technology Powers Converting Process Parts Production

MECA Solutions offers a complete selection of services regarding the design and manufacture of converting process parts. Its highly trained production team provides raw stock turning and milling in addition to finish grinding on both inside diameter (ID) and outside diameter (OD) surfaces.

The company’s electrical discharge machining (EDM) capabilities are valuable in producing specific shapes, tolerances or surface finish. The EDM process is appropriate for unique requirements or configurations that would be difficult to machine using traditional methods.

“The manufacture of converting process parts is a significant portion of our business,” Olson says. “Our printing and converting customers appreciate the fact we can supply them with everything from custom rolls and gears to finely machined components, all with one phone call.”

About MECA Solutions

MECA Solutions is an innovative engineering provider and manufacturer of flexographic printing sleeves, rubber rolls, custom rolls, tight tolerance machined components, gears, precision rollers, composite plate and bridge sleeves, aluminum and carbon fiber anilox sleeves, and mechanically engraved cylinders for the industrial printing, coating and web converting industries. The company employs more than 60 people at its facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin (USA).

For more information about MECA Solutions’ design and manufacturing capabilities, contact Tim Olson, sales manager; Phone 920-336-7382, email: [email protected]or visit

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